Did your family build the Great North Road in Sydney

Did your family build the Great North Road in Sydney
Let’s set the scene. It’s the early eighteen hundreds and the wealthy settlers of the Hunter Valley in New South Wales felt a bit isolated from all the excitement of nearby Sydney. It was hard to bring their produce to town, and on the flipside, hard to get home after all those fancy balls and parties in the mansions of the city. So they petitioned the Governor to build a road and the Great North Road was born.  But who was going to build it? Certainly not the articulate folk of the Hunter Valley. The task was given to disobedient convicts from the Castle Hill area, possibly your ancestors. These guys would have ranged from petty criminals to hardened troublemakers, but all vying for a pardon and ultimate freedom.  Today this area it’s a pretty touring route with loads to see and do.  Start by getting online to track down any black sheep in your family who may have been worked on the road, download the map then plan your itinerary from there.  

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