Hiking Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles in Victoria

Hiking Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles in Victoria
I’m at Melbourne airport waiting to be picked up by Gavin Ronan, owner-operator of Bothfeet Australia walking tours. it is a three-hour drive to Bothfeet Lodge, which was built about four years ago.The first person I meet at the Lodge is Ha – chef, cleaner, waiter and everything else. He’s the most important person for guests to get to know.No time to rest though. In less than an hour Gavin and I are back in the van with Ha taking us to the drop-off point for the first leg of my three days of walking – from Castle Cove to Joanna Beach then on to the lodge. it is an enjoyable 11km hike along the coastline where we pass a group of school kids on a camp eating lunch consisting of tins of baked beans and other snacks.
Luckily for me Ha has prepared a chicken rice salad and on the way we catch up with the lodge’s other two guests, Debbie and Victoria, who are on the beach having their lunch.The evening meal is something special and it is served in the lodge’s main community room – fully glassed on three sides, it lets the outside inside and you feel as if you can almost touch the flora and fauna.A few wines after dinner and some good conversation is a perfect way to end the day and an early night is needed to prepare for tomorrow’s 17km walk.On the way back to my Lodge I’m struck with how quiet it is, and wonder if I will be able to sleep without the usual noise of urban living.

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