In response to Kevin Pietersen’s sledge, we explain why there is so much to love about Brisbane

In response to Kevin Pietersen's sledge, we explain why there is so In fact, Pietersen wasn't sledging. He is not clever enough to do that.Pietersen was telling the truth. He was playing a straight bat. Despite having played two previous Test matches in Brisbane, even he has never heard of the city.This is a common affliction. No one in the world has actually heard of Brisbane, and the only reason the G-20 summit is scheduled for the city in 2014 is that they actually voted for Lisbon, Portugal, but someone heard it wrong.So where exactly is this mythical place and what are its charms?For those who are completely unaware of the appeals of the <a href=Queensland capital – which as mentioned is everyone in the world except the 17 or so people who actually live there – here are 10 really excellent things you shouldn’t miss.
The beaches

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