Planning Amsterdam/Prague 13d trip 10d from now

So I just put in notice at my current company on Monday and decided to delay my start date at my new company 2 weeks. I'm contemplative about doing a 2 week trip and I believe Amplify settled on at least Amsterdam and Prague. What I am unsure about is whether to add Vienna or Budapest. A little about me: single 34M. I enjoy slow travel and eerie where I am. I dont like hectic – living out of the bag type travel. I really love arts and so thats a arrangement in my travels. I enjoy street arts in love markets and people. Major foodie but im also picky and not a fan of seafood. My current plan because its coming up so soon is that I will spend about a week in each city and try to take 1-2 day trips out to smaller towns. Do you guys have any assessment or advice? Thanks!

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