Planning a short trip to Eastern Europe in November

Going with a friend. We are opening in Amsterdam, then flying to Kiev for 4 days. We would like to go to one more city. We are contemplative Sarajevo, Bosnia or Bucharest, Romania. We are also seeing just staying in Ukraine and going to another town outside of Kiev.

Him and/or I have already experienced to: – Most of Western and Central Europe, counting Poland, Turkey, Czech and Hungary – most of South America – most of South East Asia.

Length: 4 days in Amsterdam, 4 days in Kiev, 4 days in another city.

Budget: Not that big of a deal, though, we broadly travel on a low budget. Climate: Not that big of a deal. We are both from Seattle and now live in Chicago – so we are used to bad weather.

Interests – Eat well, meet good local people. Stay away from touristy spots. Photography.

Safety: Not that worried. We are 28 y/o and responsible. We dress make that much trouble.

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