Survive a holiday with your partner’s parents

Survive a holiday with your partner's parents
The hitch was it was with my new man’s family – parents, brother and his kids. On a boat. Was I mad?It really wasn’t polite to say no and I figured, I always had our cabin to head back to if it all go too much. So I said yes. While there were a few moments when I did quick calculations of how long it would take me to swim from the boat to the shore, most of the time, with a bit of careful management, it was fine.So how can you holiday with your partner’s parents in peace?The first hurdle is the invite. Work out if this holiday is something you really should say yes to. Is this an important trip to your partner? Or do you have some ground to gain with the parents? Do you even want to go?
It can be tricky respectfully saying no, particularly at this time of year, when we often try to keep everyone happy, but make sure you are travelling with the family for the right reasons.Once you’ve said yes, commit to the holiday. Offer to help plan a meal or an outing or look into what the local delicacies or traditions are. But gauge who naturally becomes the organiser and don’t step on their toes – now is not the time to muscle in.

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