Tips for surviving a long-haul flight

Being stuck in a long metal tube flying through the air for hours on end is bound to drive many people go mad crazy, but long haul travel doesn’t have to be an annoying action just as long as you plan ahead so here are some tips that should help make the long trip much better:

Tip 1: Reserve a good seat!

Many air passenger carrier offer the ability to choose your seat and most often allure free (unless you're with a budget airline, if so allure cost to get a good seat) Acknowledge an aisle or exit row seat for leg room, or a window if you want to sleep. Try to avoid seats near the toilets/lavatories, as other commuter will be achieve these regularly. It is common on hard labor flights for there to be lines, and people walking to or from the toilets may bump or knock your seat. To get a good seat choose one during the booking process or manage your booking online. A good way to check that you have the best seat is to take down your aircraft model and go to this website: Tip 2: Bring Entertainment!

People consistently just rely on the in-flight ball, this can be alright but you should always bring opportunity (trust me consistently air passenger carrier just put movies with talking dogs on), so bring an iPod (and pump it full of music), iPhone, iPad, Game Boy, Computer game D.S, or CD player to charge these devices up because some air passenger carrier dress offer arraign ports!) You could also bring a new book that you like.

Tip 3: Bring Snacks!

*Aww yes! Bring all that you like. This is pretty much clear you could Protein bars are especially helpful if on a long flight. Most airline meals tend to be low in protein and high in carbohydrates.

Tip 4: Stretch!

Excercise and loosen those poor legs and arms that you have been using to make it to your next catch gate on a 6 hour layover, doing these act when on a plane will help contraction your risk of blood congeal or, DVT (more info here: Do area that you would do before playing sport but for more comprehensive detail on how to stretch on a plane check out this great WikiHow:

Tip 5: Hydrate!

Planes get really dry, in order that why you often hear flight aide tell you to drink water. You can request water from your flight aide, it is a good idea to bring plenty of water on board with you. You may either acquisition bottled water once you pass bond or bring an empty bottle with you to fill from a water geyser (also please dress be the guy that fills his bottle in the plane bathroom Use eye drops (eye drops may now be carried through bond good account to help:

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