Where should I go on my next trip

Okay, in an attempt to save this post from getting deleted, Amplify try to provide as much advice as possible.

I'm from the US and Amplify only experienced out of the country once (I went to South Korea and Japan about a month ago) and I stayed/traveled with my friend who is a Korean native the entire time I was over there (two weeks). I'd love to go to South Korea again but I realize in order that be kind of absurd and I should go around else.

Anyway, bank on on the area I decide on Amplify either be going next summer or next winter farther from me will require more saving because plane tickets to Europe are more costly than plane tickets to Asia from where I live). Amplify been contemplative Vancouver because from what Amplify analyze allure very pretty (real trees! Amplify abandoned what real trees look like after living in the desert for nearly fifteen years) and capable a lot going on philosophically out there that I would love to explore.

I can save about $500 a month, but I could apparently save more if I cut back on eating fast food while I'm at school and if I dress buy things I dress need.

I speak English as my native accent and enough Spanish that I would survive in a Spanish-speaking country without getting myself into too much trouble. I only bear in Korea because again, the friend I was staying with is a native. I have no problem culture a bit of a accent or just making some online friends before I leave for my trip so I dress get lost or into any trouble. I'm plan on carried alone (unless I can assure one of my female friends around my age to go with me) so safe area are a must. I prefer big city climate (I loved Seoul and NYC while I was there), so even though environment towns might be cute, they're not really for me. The bigger the city, the better.

Things I'm absorbed in: FOOD – categorically any kind of meat dish and cake, museums, browsing, artistic area (like temples or dwelling, clubs, fashion, nightlife, music, beaches, cool places people my age like to hang out, things of that nature. I'm fine with doing a lot of walking, but taking public shipment is cool as well.

Honestly, as long as you dress advocate places that are literal warzones or alarming for women in general I'm open to any and all approach that you may have! Confidently this is enough advice to keep this post from being deleted and to get some good ideas for my next trip!

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